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We Cheated... We Went to Mexico - Day 5 and 6

Days five and six of our ten day surfing guide saw us head to Baja, California, Mexico. I know what you're thinking. You thought this was a ten day guide to California?

A trip across the border to Baja is as big a part of the Southern California surf experience as Ford woodies and life guard towers.

Surfers from Southern California have been making the trip South for decades. While it may not be what it used to be, it's still as accessible and exciting as it ever was. If you are visiting California for a surf trip or living here and haven't made the trek South, I would seriously suggest packing up the car and going, either for a day or a long weekend.

There are not many places in the world where you can drive for two or three hours and have a completely new and exhilarating cultural experience. After first crossing the border and driving west towards the ocean along the infamous border fence, you'll find yourself swallowed by the hillside shanty towns and the make-shift shack like homes of Tijuana. All the while, shining and teasing in the distance, in all it's wealthy glory is San Diego. The contrast is breath taking and a true education.

From the border it's up to you how far you want to go. The peninsular is yours, the further you go, the more prepared you need to be as human interaction will become less and less prevalent and you truly will be doing some wilderness camping and surfing empty waves. On this occasion, due to time constraints we didn't head too far down and stuck to Baja Norte.

As always, be smart and respectful. The people and culture of Mexico are friendly, welcoming and kind but sadly, due to corruption and instability, Mexico can be a dangerous place. Some golden rules to follow would be to get to where you need to be before dark, don't be out on the roads at night and stick to the toll roads where possible. We will have a video and article going into more detail on the risks and rewards of Mexico coming soon.

While we didn't get all that lucky with surf conditions or weather on this trip, we did have a lot of fun and continued our ten day challenge in almost deserted waves. We found numerous peaks to ourselves, had one of the most beautiful sunset sessions I've ever had and lived some true adventures not 3 hours from our suburban Orange County homes. Watch day 5 and 6 above and please like and subscribe if you enjoy the videos. Just click the red YouTube button up top. Cheers!

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