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Top 5 Waves for Intermediate Surfers - San O'

San Onofre, California. What better place to start our list of the top 5 waves for intermediate surfers. The iconic wave, famed for beginners, lazy longboarders and old guys is arguably the most iconic longboard wave in California.

San Onofre isn’t for the cool kids, you won’t find teenage groms on stickered shortboards fighting for every wave and you’ll most certainly have friends who talk down on the place due to the crowds and kooks! But that’s ok, we are not the cool kids, we are the lifelong intermediates! The Average Surfers.

San O’ isn’t just for old men and beginners, it’s a great place to work on some fundamental skills and step back on to a longer board. If it’s over chest high grab a twinny and work on generating some speed and rhythm!

So go ahead, ignore your friend who’s too “good” for San O. Take some buddies, take a BBQ, take a longboard and spend the day getting sun burned and riding slow, peeling waves to the shore. It’s like stepping back in time to a more innocent age of surfing.

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