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The Best Wave in Southern California (at 1ft) - Day 7 Upper Trestles

Ask ten people where the best wave in Southern California is and it's likely a high number of those people would respond with Trestles.

Lower Trestles is the famed cobblestone break that joins Orange and San Diego Counties together.

As a kid growing up in England, my first introduction to Lowers was on Kelly Slater's surfing video game back in the early 2000s. After I moved to California in my early twenties I would surf lowers routinely. Competing with the worlds best up and coming surfers for a little slice of the high-performance yet user friendly wave. These day's I stick more to Upper Trestles, a wave a few hundred yards north of Lowers that offers a similar experience with half the crowd and half the pros out in the lineup.

Day 7 of our 10 day challenge saw my buddy Chris and I get an uncrowded uppers almost to ourselves. Probably due to the fact that it was knee high on a weekday. But we weren't complaining at all. Watch the video above and please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you enjoy the videos.

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