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Surfing with Friends - Day 3 Doheny State Beach

There is not much I love more in life than surfing. So why do I still lack motivation to surf on some days? Complacency is a funny thing. Sometimes I still find myself making excuses to not go and do the things I love most in the world.

That was the whole point of the 10 day surf challenge, to reignite my passion and love. Still, on day 3 I woke up early and wasn't really feeling the love for the project as much as I had the previous two days. The forecast was for a dismal one foot wave, cloudy skies and onshore winds. Not inviting at all.

Lucky for me, I have a couple of friends who are always up for surfing and stoked to get out there. Day 3 was a day for friends and party waves! What better place to do that than Doheny State Beach. Check out the days adventures above and please support the YouTube channel by liking and subscribing!

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