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Motivation to Surf - Day 2 Huntington Beach, CA

What excuses have you used to not paddle out? Too windy? Too small? Too big? I've used them all. It's easy to get complacent as an intermediate surfer. Its easy to wait for the better days to go surf.

Most surfers, including myself think we are better than we are. I even have friends who say certain waves are not good enough for them.

The truth is, if you're an intermediate level surfer, or even a beginner for that matter. There is always something to be learned from paddling out. Not to mention the physical and mental benefits from a full body workout in the ocean.

To counter my complacency and lack of motivation, I have challenged myself to surf 10 days in a row. No matter what the conditions, I will paddle out and surf.

As well as a new found motivation for me, this 10 day challenge gives you guys a chance to see a realistic guide to what surfing in Southern California is really like.

Day 2 was in my adopted hometown of Huntington Beach. The conditions were difficult for me and I wasn't surfing well. I think i had more wipeouts than waves, but I still had fun!

Check out my session in Surf City above...

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