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Is Mexico Safe for a Surf Trip? Surfing the Narco State

"If you're not back by Monday, I'll post an ad for your job." The jokes came thick and fast from my work colleagues after I told them I was headed to Guerrero for six days.

My less adventurous friends and colleagues think it incredibly stupid to go to Mexico for a vacation. Like most Americans in the current climate, Mexico to them conjures up images of cartels, crime and murder. We have all seen the images or read the stories of bodies hanging from bridges, kidnappings and robberies.

Indeed, even some of my Mexican friends showed some caution in their expressions when I mentioned Guerrero. Since the jailing of El Chapo in the US, Mexico has become a maze of waring cartel factions, all bidding for power and money in the most violent ways possible. A simple google search will confirm everyone's fears and Fox news will portray Mexico as a warzone full of rapists and criminals.

My social media feed on the other hand shows images of pristine beaches, beautiful countryside and un-crowded waves for anyone willing to take a risk. So that's what we did, we took a risk and went to Cartel Country.

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